A Newbie’s Guide to Rome in 4 Days

Traveling has never much of a goal for me. I love the idea of exploring new places and experiencing different cultures, but I'm not the kind to really pick up my bag and just travel. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to traveling and I try as much as possible to avoid complications, rude … Continue reading A Newbie’s Guide to Rome in 4 Days


Letting Life Happen

The world makes it mandatory for you to know what you want It forces you to try and find a path to success, to life, to a purpose If you haven't yet found your way, do not worry Sometimes, it’s OK to just breathe and let life happen.   Trust in the process, even if … Continue reading Letting Life Happen

The Illusion of Happiness

Ask anyone what they want in life and the answer would be, 'happiness.' All our motivations, our struggles, our fights, our despair and our sorrow is created and endured to find happiness. But as much as we try, happiness always seems impossible to reach. Let me explain with a visual. It's like seeing the light … Continue reading The Illusion of Happiness